My main fields of expertise: CAD/CAM software, IT hardware, software localization, digital equipment, computer /tabletop games, user manuals.


Autodesk, LEGO, SAP, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Dell, HP, Canon, Siemens, Kingston, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Epson, Corel, McAfee, NEC, Norton.


  • hyperMILL and hyperCAD user manuals and UI’s (140,000 words),
  • LEGO sorting, moulding and packaging machines (80,000 words),
  • Uber applications, marketing materials and services (100,000 words),
  • Portal’s “51st State – Master Set tabletop game (4,000 words),
  • many SAP mobile and desktop applications (250,000 words),
  • Microsoft game developement courses (60,000 words),
  • Jabra bluetooth head sets and communication devices (40,000 words),
  • latest DC Comics beat’em up and adventure games (200,000 words),
  • McDonald’s tablet applications for children (15,000 words)
  • Autodesk, Siemens and OPEN MIND CAD software UI, user manuals, training videos, help files (I-Lost-Track of words).


CAD software, VOD applications, training videos, all sorts of programs

IT translation

software, hardware, PC, MAC OSX, Android, iOS, UI, help files, user manuals


console, mobile, PC, tabletop, card games, accessories, marketing texts

Veteran CAT tools user

memoQ, Trados, Passolo, Idiom and others used on daily basis since 2005

CAT tools’ trainings

certified memoQ trainer since 2010, Xbench courses, Trados, Quality Assurance classes

File formats

practical knowledge of XML and other ML formats with problem-solving attitude

For students

memoQ, Xbench, Editing and QA in IT texts

For lecturers

trainings in “How to teach students to use memoQ”: University of Silesia, University of Dabrowa Górnicza

For universities

memoQ “Academic Program” introduction at University of Silesia, The Translations Studies Center, University of Dąbrowa Górnicza


30 online CAT tools courses for University of Silesia covering usage, configuration, optimization and real life translation case studies

Game developers

my FreeIndieL10N initiative is focused on delivering free game localizations to selected independent game developers

New ventures!

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