Translation and localization videos

1. Importing and configuring import options – multilingual XLSX files.

In the first video I show how to properly import a multilingual XLSX file containing text strings to be localized as well as additional texts. Simple import of XLSX file is not enough. If the translator uses a standard import procedure, the imported file is almost unusable. The XLSX in this tutorial contains comments, character limit and is prepared by the developer to be localized into many languages. Translator’s task is to deliver the translation inserted into proper column and not to ruin the source file. memoQ is perfect for this job.

2. 5 memoQ features vital for games and software localization.

The localization XLSX file has been imported, so now it is time to show five of the most important memoQ features that speed up translation and help to deliver the best quality. In this video I show how translations suggested by translation memory work, what is autopropagation, how to maintain consistency, how to track progress and detect errors.

3. Another 5 memoQ features I use during games and software localization.

Final five features of memoQ most often used by me during localization. Now I present filtering and sorting, regular expressions, two-column RTF file for proofreading and general view on the interface.

4. Pseudo-translation in memoQ.

Before game localization starts translator must prepare the file, and check if it exports and imports into game developers systems. In memoQ there is a great feature that allows to simulate translation and make it visibly different from the source text as well as check if the extended strings would fit in place of the original texts in the game and all language-specific characters would be displayed correctly. All can be checked with pseudo-translation feature.

5. Check translation quality in Xbench.

Xbench 2.9 is a free tool that allows to test quality of translation. It checks many languages, performs a lot of tests, enables to create custom tests and the user does need to know the source nor target language. One great tool.

6. How long does take to localize a game and why that long?

Using Firewatch localization files I show, how to import JSON files to memoQ, how long does it take to localize 53,000 words, what time is needed to review the translation and to wrap up everything.

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